Tickets are $1000, plus the cost of lodging ($500 off for Hive members and alumni)

Hive GLS 2019 - Global Leaders Summit

Inspiring Leaders From All Over the World Together for 3 Days

Leaders and entrepreneurs from over 50 countries are coming including...

Afghanistan, Australia, Austria, Bolivia, Cameroon, Canada, Egypt, Germany, Ghana, India, Iraq, Kenya, Liberia, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Somalia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Uganda, United Kingdom, the United States, Vietnam, Zimbabwe and many more to come. See full attendee list here

Hive Global Leaders Summit

Hivers From Around the World Coming Together 

Hive alumni from the first twenty Hive Global Leaders Programs, Hive Africa, Hive Europe, Hive Pakistan, Hive Canada, and Hive India plus new community members will be in attendance for our second annual summit. We'll be spending 3 days and nights at the beautiful 1440 Multiversity Retreat Center. View the PDF Flyer here.


Speakers & Presenters at Hive GLS

Here is the list of speakers from our 2018 event

Yvonne Cagle - Hive Global Leader

Dr. Yvonne Cagle

NASA Astronaut

Tom Chi GoogleX

Tom Chi

CEO, Prototype Thinking Formerly at GoogleX 

Vishen Lakhiani - Hive Speaker

Vishen Lakhiani

CEO & Founder, Mindvalley

Jennifer Russell

Level 7 Leadership

Ryan Allis

 Ryan Allis

Chairman of Hive Global

Jairek Robbins - Hive Global Leader

Jairek Robbins

Motivational Speaker and Performance Coach

Danielle Blum - Hive

Danielle Blum

Hive Women 

Scott Kriens - Hive

Scott Kriens

Founder of 1440 Multiversity, Former CEO of Juniper Networks 

Yuka Nagashima

Yuka Nagashima

Global Advisory Board Member at Astia

Ashanti Branch - Hive Global Leader

Ashanti Branch

Taking Off the Mask

Hive Entrepreneur Retreat _ Marcus McNeill

Marcus McNeill

CEO of Magic 

Mariana Grace - Hive Global Leader

Mariana Grace

Hypnosis Facilitator

Nichol Bradford

Executive Director of the Transformative Technology Lab

Mona DeFrawi

CEO & Founder, Radivision

Nadia Mufti - Hive Global Leader

Nadia Mufti

Designing Your Life

Nicole Boyar

Co-Emcee CEO, Rare Species Marketing Collective 

Julia Allison Photo

Julia Allison

How Conscious Companies Can Become Pressworthy 

Gordon Starr

CEO of Starr Consulting 

Adam Rosendahl - Hive

Adam Rosendahl

Late Nite Art 

Grace Osula Hive Africa

Grace Osula 

CEO, Hive Africa  

Andrew Gottlieb 

CEO of No Typical Moments 

Tina Choi Travonde

Tina Choi

CEO & Founder, Travonde  


Chris Ategeka - Hive Global Leader

Chris Ategeka 

World Economic Forum Young Global Leader

Suzanne Andrews - Wingpact

Suzanne Andrews

Founding Partner, Wingpact

Kai Van Bodhi - Hive

Kai Van Bodhi

Senior Qi Gong Facilitator

Cailleach Dé Weingart-Ryan - Hive

Cailleach Dé Weingart-Ryan

Center for Humane Technology

Daniel Raphael - Hive

Daniel Raphael

Transformational Coach

Niraj Mehta - Hive

Niraj Mehta

Managing Director of Kilowatt Capital 

Jared Polivka

Improv for Leaders

Gregorio Avanzini - Hive

Gregorio Avanzini

Holotropic Breathwork

Tricia Teague - Hive

Tricia Teague

The Trep School

Peter Baugher - Hive

Peter Baugher 

Law for Purpose-Driven Companies 

Ray Kallmeyer - Hive

Ray Kallmeyer

CEO of CreateAR, Virtual Reality & Augmented Realty

Jason Hernstad

Qi Gong Teacher  

Giovanna Garcia

Giovanna Garcia

Cacao Ceremony Host

Joseph Nwishienyi

Play Shop Facilitator

Jaimi Jansen - Hive

Jaimi Jansen

CEO of Santa Cruz CORE Fitness

Mike Sherbakov - Hive

Mike Sherbakov

Co-Emcee CEO of The Greatness Foundation 

 Margaret Burns

Reiki Teacher CEO of Divine Power Wellness Coaching

Rebecca Thieneman

 Rebecca Thieneman

Yoga Teacher Founder of Tantra Flow 

Susan Green

Susan Green

Executive Leadership Coach

Anthony Weiss - Hive Global Leader

Anthony Weiss

Musician and Sound Healer

Brent Weiss - Hive Global Leader

Brent Weiss

Musician and Sound Healer

Rae Irelan

Musician & Sound Healer

Venue Photos

What You Can Look Forward To... 

Hive Global Leaders Summit Example Schedule

Arrival Day


2pm to 3:30pm 

Attendee Arrival and Check-in at Lodge


Venue Tour - Meet at Lodge


Attendee Meetup in Kitchen Table  

Hive Alumni Meetup New Attendee Meetup Meet Your Small Group Leader  

5:00pm - Redwood Auditorium

Musical Performance

Opening Session - Emcees Welcome by Mike Sherbakov and Nicole Boyar

Welcome to Hive - Hive Chairman Ryan Allis

Country Ceremony

Welcome to 1440 Multiversity by Scott Kriens

Opening Keynote - Dr. Yvonne Cagle, NASA Astronaut

6:30pm -

Opening Dinner in Small Groups with Group Leaders in Kitchen Table

7:30pm -

Small Group Crucible Stories with Group Leaders

9:00pm -

Music in Sanctuary by Rae Irelan, Brent Weiss, and Anthony Weiss

10:00pm -

Hot Tub Hangout by Healing Arts Center

Day 1


730am - Optional Kriya Meditation in Crest Outdoor Platform led by Ryan Allis

Optional Exercise Bootcamp with Jaimi Jansen - Steps Outside Redwood Auditorium

8am - Breakfast in Kitchen Table

9:30am - Redwood Auditorium

Morning Keynote Ashanti Branch Taking Off the Mask

11:15am - Breakout 1

Women's Leadership Panel Tina Choi, Yuka Nagashima, Susan Green, Suzanne Andrews Redwood Auditorium (Leadership Track)

Accelerating a New Reality Through Digital Marketing Marcus McNeill Outlook Room 101 (Entrepreneurship Track)  

Being Your Inner DaVinci: Tools, Techniques, & Wisdom from Yoga, Meditation, Neuroscience, Psychology, Biomechanics, Quantum Physics & more - to Maximize Personal Empowerment, Success & Happiness Mona DeFrawi Sanctuary (Purpose Track)  

Reiki Training Margaret Burns Outlook 102 (Transformation Track) 

Embodiment Practices for Personal Empowerment and Focus - Including Qi Gong - Kai Van Bodhi in Outlook 201 (Wellness Track)

1230pm - Lunch Onsite at Kitchen Table

2pm - Redwood Auditorium

Jennifer Russell, Masculine & Feminine Leadership

 Hive Playshop

3:00pm - Needs & Gives in Small Groups

3:45pm - Breakout 2

Nichol Bradford - The Future Of Consciousness, Wellbeing, and Technology in Outlook 102 (Wellness Track)

Grace Osula - How Hive Africa Was Created in Outlook 101 (Leadership Track)

Andrew Gottleib - Awakening the Dreamer Within in Sanctuary (Purpose Track)  

Jaimi Jansen - Building Your Tribe: How to Create a Team that Shares Your Vision in Outlook 203 (Entrepreneurship Track)

 Jason Hernstad & Kai Van Bodhi - Embodiment Practices for Personal Empowerment and Focus - Including Qi Gong - Outdoors in Redwood Ampitheater (Transformation Track)

5pm - Women's Meetup led by Danielle Blum in Sanctuary

Men's Meetup led by Ryan Allis and Ashanti Branch in Outlook 101 - What Does Masculinity Mean?

Non-Binary Meetup led by Altaira Hatton held outside Redwood

6:00pm - Dinner Onsite at Kitchen Table

7:15pm - Late Nite Art in Redwood Auditorium

10pm - Hot Tub Hangout

Day 2


730am - Yoga with Rebecca Thieneman in Crest Outdoor Platform

Optional Morning Zumba Dance Workout with Chris Dugan - Steps Outside Redwood Auditorium

8am - Breakfast in Kitchen Table

9:30am - Redwood Auditorium

Designing Your Life by Ryan Allis & Nadia Mufti

11:15am - Breakout 3

Ryan Allis & Nadia Mufti - Life Purpose Coaching in Outlook 101 (Purpose Track) 

Gordon Starr - Integrity is Everything in Redwood Auditorium (Leadership Track)

Mariana Grace - Hypnosis in Sanctuary (Transformation Track)

Peter Baugher - Legal Issues for Purpose-Driven Companies in Outlook 102 (Entrepreneurship Track) 

Niraj Mehta - How to Fundraise for Your Startup in Outlook 203 (Future Track)

Anna Naturalista - The Superhuman Operating Manual - Outside session  

12:30pm - Lunch Onsite at Kitchen Table

1:45pm - Group Photo at Redwood Amphitheater

2:00pm - Redwood Auditorium  

Afternoon Keynote 1:  

Tom Chi of GoogleX Radical Personal Transformation 

3:15pm - Redwood Auditorium 

Afternoon Keynote 2:  

Jairek Robbins, Motivation and Leadership

4:00pm - Small Groups with Group Leaders - Digital Purpose Statements - in Redwood Auditorium 

4:45pm - Breakout 4  

Ray Kallmeyer - Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Outlook 101 (Transformation Track)  

Julia Allison - Public Relations for Purpose-Driven Companies in Redwood Auditorium (Entrepreneurship Track)  

Daniel Raphael - Keys to Accelerate Personal Transformation in Outlook 102 (Wellness Track)  

Jason Hernstad - Embodiment Practices for Personal Empowerment and Focus - Including Qi Gong - Outdoors in Redwood Ampitheater (Wellness Track)  

Rebecca Thieneman and Mima Geere - How to Take Care of the Body So You Can Do Your Work in Sanctuary (Wellness Track)

Chapter Leader Information Session - Outlook 203 (for those interested in co-founding a Hive Chapter in their city) 

6:00pm - Dinner in Kitchen Table

7:15pm - Sound Bath with Anthony Weiss, Brent Weiss, Rae Irelan, Danielle Blum, Rebecca Theieneman, & Mariana Grace in Sanctuary

Cacao Ceremony with Giovanna Garcia (up to 60 people) in Outlook 101

9pm - Global Dance Party with Joseph Nwishienyi and Ryan Rogers in Sanctuary

Day 3


730am - Optional Yoga with Rebecca Theieneman in Crest Outdoor Platform

Optional Exercise Bootcamp with Jaimi Jansen - Steps Outside Redwood Auditorium

8am - Breakfast in Kitchen Table

9am - Room Check Out, Bring Bags to Redwood

9:30am - Redwood Auditorium 

Morning Keynote: Vishen Lakhiani, CEO of Mindvalley  

10:45am - The Future of Hive in Redwood Auditorium

Tour of The Hive App

Hive Global Leadership Community (GLC)

Chapter Leaders

Women's Leadership Program

11:15am - Breakout 5

Info Session - Women's Leadership Program Facilitator Training by Danielle Blum in Redwood Auditorium (Leadership Track) 

Gregorio Avanzini - Holotropic Breathing in Outlook 204 (Transformation Track) 

Chris Ategeka - Finding Purpose in Your Work in Outlook 101 (Purpose Track)

Tricia Teague - How to Think Like an Entrepreneur in Outlook 102 (Entrepreneurship Track)

Cailleach Dé Weingart-Ryan - My Personal Story: How to Transition from Muggle to Magic in Outlook 203 (Wellness Track)  

1230pm - Lunch Onsite at Kitchen Table

2pm - Hive Closing Ceremony in Redwood Auditorium

Purpose Circle Feedback Forms Welcoming New Members Into Hive Community Hive Certificates Graduation Ceremony  

3:30pm - End of Program

The Venue - 1440 Multiversity Retreat Center

Entrepreneur Retreat Map

1440 Multiversity 800 Bethany Drive Scotts Valley, CA 95066 Learn more at the 1440 Multiversity web site

NEAREST AIRPORTS San Jose International Airport (26 miles away) San Francisco International Airport (61 miles away)  

Members of the Hive Community Come From 125 Countries & Are Leaders At:

Frequently Asked Questions

Early Bird Ticket Cost $500 for Hive members and alumni $1000 for non-members (includes annual Hive membership, worth $500 ) 

Lodging Cost Lodging at 1440 Multiversity costs between $140 and $465 per night depending on room type. All lodging is on-site at the retreat center. After purchasing your ticket, you can book your hotel room here. You can also book nights before or after the program if you'd like to enjoy an added rejuvenating time in the redwoods. The cost of lodging is not included in the price of a ticket. All attendees must either stay on-site or purchase a 1440 Multiversity Commuter Pass upon arrival for $105 per day, which covers the cost of meals and access to 1440 Multiversity facilities.

Event Venue: 1440 Multiversity, 800 Bethany Dr, Scotts Valley, CA 95066  

Available Room Types Pods - $140/night Shared Basic Room - $175/night Private Basic Room - $190/night Shared Deluxe Room - $220/night Private Deluxe Room - $330/night Shared Suite with Fireplace - $330/night Private Suite with Fireplace - $465/night 

These rates are per person, per night and include three farm-to-table meals made with care by the executive chef, Kenny Woods. The above prices do not include taxes. For shared rooms, you will be assigned to stay with a person of the same gender, unless you request a specific roommate. 

Meals All meals are included in the cost of lodging. They are served on-site at Kitchen Table, an award-winning restaurant that sources, prepares, and serves a full menu including local and organic vegetables, organic and local rice, grains, legumes, lightly seasoned local chicken, fish, and tofu. If you stay offsite you'll need to purchase a Commuter Pass from 1440 Multiversity to have access to the meals and campus facilities.

Logistics Page You can see the 2018 Event Logistics page here. Logistics the 2019 event will be sent out in July 2019.

Campus Amenities Additional campus amenities include the Healing Arts infinity soaking tub, ping pong, the fitness room, daily meditation, yoga, tai chi, qigong classes, and miles of redwood hiking trails.  

Transportation We recommend flying in the San Jose International Airport (26 miles away) or the San Francisco International Airport (61 miles away). It is a 35 minute Uber or Lyft ride to the 1440 Multiversity retreat center from the San Jose airport. We recommend taking an Uber or Lyft, which are about $37 each way from San Jose Airport. If you have a car, on-site parking is available at 1440 Multiversity at no added cost.  

Uber: $15 discount for 1440 guests, use code: vl1wu Lyft: $10 discount for 1440 guests, use code: ride1440  

Does Hive offer refunds on tickets? Hive does not offer refunds on tickets, except in the case that your United States travel visa was denied. However you may exchange your ticket with another person or receive a credit toward a future Hive event.

Can Hive provide a visa invitation letter? For those coming from outside of the United States, we can provide a visa invitation letter upon request to any registered attendee. 

Where do I apply? Register here

Past Attendee List

Afghanistan Asma Salah, HR Associate, UNDP Mohammad Saraj, Deputy CEO & Head of Strategic Communication, 1TV Media Sher Shah Meherzad, CEO, Hashimy Group

Australia Alan Wu, Member of the Board, Oxfam Australia Sam Rogers, Private Foundation  

Austria Erika Wichro, Consultant, Geneva Graduate Institute (Hive GLP 15)

Bolivia Ivan Szabo, Owner, WPDA ECOM  

Cameroon Bibiana Mih, Founder & CEO, Bihndumlem Humanitarian Association of Peace & Hope (Entrepreneur Retreat)

Canada Ana Tavares, Founder, Wmnhood Beth Hall, High Performance Coach, Architect Your Life (Entrepreneur Retreat) Estela Tavares, Economist, Statistics Canada (Hive GLP 7) Ivan Rahman, MBA Candidate, Stanford University Rola Hamdan, Licensed Paralegal, Willowdale Legal Services  

Colombia Flor Natalia Toloza, CEO & Founder, InnoSocial Colombia 

Denmark Andrea Bolognini, CEO, EU Start

Germany Robert Gierke, Founder, Purenessity (Hive GLP 11)

Ghana Daniel Asare-Kyei, CEO, Esoko Melchizedec Obodai Torgbor, CEO, Jemel Royal Company Limited 

Egypt Ahmed Fahmy, Managing Director, Core Training & Consulting (Hive GLP 17)  

India Dwiti Vikramaditya, Advisor & Trustee, KISS University Siddhartha Sarma, Founder, CredFIC  

Iraq Bilal Aziz, Manager, Shayarxan

Ivory Coast Fatoumata Sangare, International Youth Coordinator, Women's Situation Room

Kenya Abdullahi Abdi, Executive Director, Womankind Kenya

Liberia Edwin Slocum, CEO & General Manager, Africa Electric Engineering (Hive Africa 3.0) Garmai Carpee, Logistics Officer, Last Mile Health Stephene Audrey Kpoto, Local Government Consultant, Paynesville City Corp.; CEO, Arts Africa Liberia Inc.

Mongolia Janbolat Khaisanai, Founder & Owner, JP Partners LLC

Mexico Alan Sandoval, CEO, JB Grupo, (Entrepreneur Retreat) Alejandro De Santiago Lavalle, CEO & Founder, Ignixon (Hive GLP 11) Javier A. Galindo O., CEO, Grupo Mazahua (Hive GLP 17)

Nepal Biraj Bhakta Shrestha, Senator, Provincial Parliament, Nepal/Bibeksheel Sajha Political Party

Nigeria Adesola Subair, MRS, Subsols Nigeria Limited (Hive GLP 16) Aliyu Audu, CEO, 24/7 Contact Center Nigeria Ltd. Bostik and Ltd, Co-Founder & CEO, Formplus Elizabeth Nwosisi, CEO, Urban Havens Ltd (Hive GLP 16) Damilola Oluwatoyinbo, Managing Partner, DreamStream Grace Osula, Co-Founder, Hive Africa (Hive GLP 8) Joseph Nwshienyi, NOC Engineer, NTA-STAR TV Network Limited Morayo Ogunkinle, Business Development Manager, Private Network Nigeria Nsoh Nalowa Bih, Investigation Officer, African Bar Association (Hive GLP 12) Olapitan Adedayo, CEO, DMTD Consulting Odeyale Oludare, Project Director, Wise Work Nigeria LTD Patrick Chukwubuikem Ezeani, CEO & Founder, Herald Digital Ruth Anice, Structural Engineer, International Energy Services Limited Sharafa Olawale Oladimeji, Senior Network Engineer, Dimensions Data Stephen Oyekanmi, CEO, Dinetek Technologies (Entrepreneur Retreat)

Pakistan Fareed Khan, Student Farrukh Arshad, COO, COMSATS Internet Services Hassan Rafique Awan, CEO, DevCrew I/O (Hive GLP 16) Mahmood Ahmad, Head Project Sales, Masco Energy Maryam Ejaz, Account Executive, ABS LABS PVT LTD Mohammad Ismail Khan, Sr. Communication Officer, ADB Qamar Iqbal, Finance Officer Partner Support, Deutsche Welthungerhilfe Rizwan Ahmed Lodhi, CEO, DEWA Trust Sahrish Ayub, Teacher & Founder of Education System for Penniless Students, FGEI Usman Shafiq, COO, Markhor Industries Syed Aamir Abbas, CEO & Managing Director, Intellexal Solutions Private Limited Syed Zagham Naseem, Founder & CEO, Brainery

Papua New Guinea Charlene Samuel, CEO, Culture Shock Limited

Romania Ana Ghenciu, Founder, KeepItSimple (Hive GLP 9)  

Russia Joanna Siah Taylor, Office Administrator, Unique Study Abroad Agency (UNISAA)

Saudi Arabia Hussain Alghamdi Founder & CEO, Youth Leadership Community 

Sierra Leone Agilu Jalloh, Maintence Planner, Sierra Leone Bottling Company

Singapore Vrinda Bahl, Growth Strategist, MAGES Studio

Somalia Abdulkdir Hassan, Director of Administration, House of the People of Somalia Adbikadir Mohamud, Project Coordinator, Ministry of Planning Investment Economic Development Mohamud Awali, Program Coordinator, Comitato Collaborazione Medica Salah Omar Dhiis, Secretary of Standing Committee, House of the People, Somalia Federal Parliament

South Africa Denis Ngu, CEO & Founder, Denis Brown General Trading & Supplies

Spain Jordi Vidiella Amposta, CEO & Fonder, Opportumeety (Entrepreneur Retreat)  

Sri Lanka Daminda Perera, Managing Director, Rasoda Dairies Sanath Priyantha Vidanagamage, CEO, Institute of Growth Concepts (Hive GLP 13) Shiraz Latiff, Director & CEO, Hummingbird International  

Taiwan Hsin Hsiang Huang, Senior Strategist, Red Peak Asia

Uganda Brenda Katushemererwe, Stations Manager, Greater African Radio Cathy Nakasi, Co-Founder & CEO, Cathy & Friends Foundation/ AVSI Foundation Uganda Chris Ategeka, WEF Young Global Leader (Hive GLP 4) Jamba Stephens Zira, Lawyer, Zira Chambas (Hive GLP 16) Kenneth Allan Owani, Executive Director, Global Support Development Initiative (GDI-Uganda) Mary Omble Wuya, CEO, OCEAN (Hive GLP 16) Opeto Tonny, CEO & Founder, Global Operations Trust Limited (Entrepreneur Retreat)

United States of America Adam Rosendahl, CEO & Founder, Late Nite Art Ahmad Al-Amine, CEO + Co-Founder, TechGenies LLC Aleksandra Perelman, Business Manager, Cornell University, College of Agriculture Life Sciences Alexandru Molodoi, Software Engineer, CAKE Altaira Hatton, Mediator, Conflict Tools (Hive GLP 8) Amie Hendrix, Executive Director, Tompkins County Youth Services (Hive GLP 15) Andy Najjar, CEO, Provilla (Hive GLP 5) Andrea Blum, President & Founder, Blum Dentistry (Hive GLP 17) Andrew Gottlieb, Founder & CEO, No Typical Moments Ashanti Branch, Executive Director, EverForward (Hive GLP 5) Beckie Callahan, Program Manager, Cisco (Hive GLP 10) Behishta Qaderi, Job Readiness Trainer & Coordinator, Youth for Peace Movement Ben Koch, CEO, NuMinds Enrichment Brandon Hall, Writer Brian Hoffstein, Futurist (Entrepreneur Retreat) Calvin Liu, Strategy Lead, Compound (Hive GLP 4) Carin Winter, CEO, Mission Be Carissa Winland, COO, NuMinds Enrichment Christopher Garrett, Guide, Unity Project (Hive GLP 13) Collette Van Straaten, Engineer, Antero Resources (Hive GLP 10) Curtis Smith, Director, Talent Brand & Experience, TrustToken Dalton Lilley, Founder, Taurus 56 (Entrepreneur Retreat) Dani Roth, CEO, Eden Productions Inc (Entrepreneur Retreat) Danielle Blum, CEO, WorldNativ (Hive GLP 10) Darwin Lopez Cruz, President, LLE David Landau, Founder, Magic is Real Dee Bustos, CEO, Care Indeed, Inc. Dian Alyan, Executive Director, GiveLight Foundation (Entrepreneur Retreat) Edua Dickerson, Finance Manager, Google (Hive GLP 5) Eduardo Owens, CEO, Movement (Hive GLP 3) Elaine Cheng, Founder, First Supper Club Elaine Myada, Principal, Myada Communications (Hive GLP 17) Elsie Akum, Branch Manager, Community Credit Company PLC, Batibo Ericka Al-Amine, Account Executive, Veritiv Gabriella Ribeiro, CEO, Trumarketing Gail Gannon, Founder & CEO, Ensante Grace Bekabisya Isaac, Assistant Administrator, BTC Sarl Gregorio Avanzini, Graduate Student Instructor, University of Michigan Gordon Starr, CEO of Starr Consulting (Hive GLP 8) Hemant Uchil, Director, Partnerships, MetricStream (Hive GLP 13) Ionut Georgescu, President & CEO, End of Waste Foundation (Hive GLP 10) Iris Gonzalez, Director, Potencia (Hive GLP 5) Jackie Owino, Agile Strategist, Eztagile (Hive GLP 7) Jason Williams, CEO, Centric, Inc. (Hive GLP 10) Jaspuneet Kaur Mohie, Financial Controller/Strategic Director, AB Investrade James Redenbaugh, Founder, Montaia Jamie Hebets, President & Founder, LifeMasters (Entrepreneur Retreat) Jaimi Jansen, Owner, Santa Cruz CORe Fitness + Rehab (Entrepreneur Retreat) Jared Polivka, Improv for Entrepreneurs (Hive GLP 11) Jennifer Seigal, Amazing Person (Hive GLP 17) Jess Smith, Director, TimeLeap, Inc. (Hive GLP 15) Jessica Cameron, Co-Founder, The Refugee Lab Joey Gutierrez, MBA Student, Stanford University (Hive GLP 2) Jordan Martinez, Analyst, MRTNZ Ventures, Julia Allison, Speaker, Advanced Publicity Strategies (Hive GLP 7) Juliana Owolabi, Director Logistics, Hive Africa (Hive GLP 8) Julius Oyekanmi, CEO, Empirical Business Solutions (Entrepreneur Retreat) Justin Rindner, Student/Founder, Forager Health (Hive GLP 15) Karina Harris, Founder, Waffles & Honey Jewelry Kaprece James, Founder & CEO, Stella's Girls Laurel Mintz, CEO & Founder Elevate My Brand (Entrepreneur Retreat) Leland Franklin, Head of Solutions Engineering, Clever (Hive GLP 12) Leslie Gregory, Founder/Director, Right To Health, Inc. (Hive GLP 17) Louison Dumont, CEO, Power Marcus McNeill, CEO, Magic (Hive GLP 17) Mariana Grace, Grace Hypnosis (Hive GLP 17) Margaret Burns, Owner, The Medicine Woman Way (Hive GLP 17) Marianne Berkovich, Head of User Research, Glooko (Hive GLP 5) Mark Courtney, Founder & CEO, (Hive GLP 5) Maryann Pearson, Owner, Pearson Partners Melanie Weir, Food Systems Entrepreneur, Inspire Roots (Hive GLP 6) Melinda DePalma, Partner and Co-Founder, PlayDen Productions (Entrepreneur Retreat) Mike Chop, Conversation Interation Designer (HI), Apple Inc. Mike Hoffman, CEO, Crea8Stay (Hive GLP 16) Mike Sherbakov, Founder & CEO, The Greatness Foundation (Entrepreneur Retreat) Mohammad Nazir Rasuly, Health Director, Care of Afghan Families Nadia Mufti, Coach, Redesigning Your Life (Hive GLP 1) Nadine Zaytoun Najjar, Director, Numinds Nathan Yap, CEO, FBC Group (Hive GLP 2) Nicole Cifani, Chief Marketing Officer, NAC (Hive GLP 5) Patricia Diaz, Filmmaker Producer/Intern, Museo de las Americas Paul Heirendt, Co-Founder & CEO, TradeHarbor (Entrepreneur Retreat) Payal Beri, Leadership Program Manager, Southern California Edison Pranav Jampani, Head of Sustainability The Venetian, The Palazzo and Sands Expo Pratik Chhetri, Global Health Equity Researcher, UC Berkeley (Hive GLP 4) Rae Irelan, Founder & CEO, The Goddess Fest, Creative Vessel (Hive GLP 5) Raj Bhortake, Innovation/ Corporate Development Manager, Deloitte Rebecca Theienman, Founder, TantraFlow (Hive GLP 10) Reginald Hammond, Managing Partner, Your Crescendo Robert De Liefde, Founder, Inspire 4 Growth (Entrepreneur Retreat) Rowayda Hamdan, Fine Artist/ Co-Founder, Education Unbound Ryan Allis, Chairman, Hive (Hive GLP 1) Ryan Matthews, Owner, Live Your Legacy (Entrepreneur Retreat) Sandee Mendelson, Co-Founder, Project Live Your Legacy Sara Allen, Director, The Jewish Teen Education & Engagement Funder Collaborative Saren Stiegal, Founder & CEO, Glow Effect Scott Kriens, Founder, 1440 Multiversity Sergio Marrero, Co-Founder, Rebel Method (Hive GLP 7) Shreejana KC, CEO, RR Shree School of Technology (Hive GLP 17) Sidney Nakahodo, Co-Founder & CEO, New York Space Alliance (Hive GLP 1) Stefanie Krievins, President & Coach, The Problem Solvers School Suma Rozario, Secretary & Admin Officer, PARI Development Trust Suzanna Andrews, Connector, Montcalm TCR Tamara Coleman, Founder, Co-LaB Tara Devi Gurung, Planning Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting Coordinator, Nepal Red Cross, Society Timothy McMahon, President & CEO, Fischer Homes Tina Choi, CEO, Travonde (Entrepreneur Retreat) Tina Hui, CEO & Founder, Follow The Coin Labs (Entrepreneur Retreat) Tom Chi, CEO, Prototype Thinking (Hive GLP 2) Tricia Teague, Founder, Think Like an Entrepreneur (Hive GLP 8) Vanessa Valerio VP, COO Care Indeed, Inc. Varvn Aryacetas, Technology Strategist, Deloitte Vishen Lakhiani, Founder, Mindvalley Weeda Hamdan, Director, Education Unbound William Stringer, Sr. Investment Associate, Cockrell Interests (Hive GLP 5) Zakary Smith, Business Development Engineer, Star Rapid (Hive GLP 15) Zanette Johnson, Principal Consultant, Intrinsic Impact Consulting (Hive GLP 10)  

Vietnam Henry Bao-Viet Nguyen, Product Leader, Bloc (Entrepreneur Retreat)

Zimbabwe Dyllan Makunike, Director, eLearning Solutions Mike Kamungeremu, Managing Director, Tendo Electronics Pvt Ltd (Hive GLP 6) Shaibhi Million, CEO, Energy Solutions

Contact Us

If you have any questions about attending the Hive Global Leaders Summit, please email or contact Hive Sales Executive Chris Dugan at (858) 876-5820 on Monday through Friday between 9am and 6pm PT, or use our live chat tool in the bottom right corner of the page.

  • Phone / WhatsApp Chris Dugan, Sales & Support +1 (858) 876-5820
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