Hive Los Angeles to be Held Dec 8-11

Four years ago, we asked ourselves the question, “why isn’t there a global community of extraordinary leaders and entrepreneurs working together on creating a better world?” It was 2013. Why hadn’t this community been built yet? 

It was what we wanted for ourselves. Where was the support community for the round pegs in the square holes, the purpose-driven CEOs, the inventors, the healers, the reformers, the tireless entrepreneurs, the activists, those working in the field, the impact investors, and the artists who care? Where was the community that was with you no matter where you went in the world?

Where was this community of diverse leaders who were committed to supporting each other throughout life’s ups and downs? When we were feeling lonely–like no one could truly understand us–where could we turn?

We’ve spent the last four years building the community that we only wished existed. It’s becoming real. We’ve now hosted fifteen Hive Global Leaders Programs across San Francisco, Boston, and Nigeria — and grown to over 1600 alumni across 120 countries. Our alumni are planning 2018 Hive programs in Costa Rica, Singapore, Berlin, Romania, Kenya, Mexico City, and Brazil. 

We have one more Hive program coming up this year. In just 50 days, we’re excited to be hosting the first ever Hive Los Angeles. The 15th Hive Global Leaders Program will be hosted in LA this December 8-11 at the Loews Hollywood Hotel

Hive Global Leaders Program #15
Loews Hollywood Hotel
1755 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA

We’d like to invite you to join us–and bring your friends who are changing the world for the better. We’d love to have you join us for our last Hive of 2017 as your prepare yourself for 2018. You can learn more about Hive here. Our Designing Your Life Workshop on the 2nd day of Hive is what so many of our alumni remember most, and this is especially helpful right before a new year starts.

Attendees at Hive LA are coming in from 37 countries around the world (so far) and include leaders from top organizations including Google, Facebook, Tata, the United Nations, and Stanford are joining us. It’s quite the group that’s coming. We have just a few spots remaining for the LA program.

If you’d like to join us, you can reserve your spot at We also have an early bird discount is available until October 31. 

Thank you for helping us build the global community for leaders and entrepreneurs working on creating a better world. This has been long dream of mine, and thank you for being part of that dream!

Written with purpose,
Ryan Allis, Chairman
Hive Global Leaders Program