Hive Community News – November 2017

The Hive Community Newsletter for November 2017 was just published and can be read here.

In this issue, we talk about:

  • Hive Africa Recap
  • Hive Los Angeles
  • Hive Costa Rica
  • Hive Coaching Launch
  • How to Host Your Own Hive
  • Alumni Announcements

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Who’s Coming to Hive Los Angeles?

Hive Los Angeles is just 35 days away.

We are excited to announce the list of initial attendees for the upcoming Hive Global Leaders Program in Los Angeles this December 8-11, 2017 to be held at the Loews Hollywood Hotel.

CEOs, leaders, founders, investors, and innovators representing over 38 countries are coming for three days of world-class leadership training, life coaching, and collaboration on solving humanity’s greatest challenges. 

Who’s Coming to Hive Los Angeles

Attendees so far for the Hive Global Leaders Program this December include:

  • Leaders from Facebook, Google, Headspace, Tata, First Bank, Veritas, Etisalat, Powur, Red Films, Stanford, and Duke University;
  • CEOs from Promise Energy, Mobilize, Blokable, Grupo Ideação, Beckaphyll Renewable Energy, Royal TKO Media, Care Indeed, Grupo Mazahua, Inversiones Rambla, CodeZone, Ulfix, Livingtex, Lurich Logistics, Sixt Nepal, Subysols Nigeria, The Collaboratory, Caltrex Petrol Gujrat, Humble Design, Blank Slate Advisors, Artisan and Fox, Hopeful Horizons, and Tariq Traders;
  • NGO Leaders from the United Nations, United Nations Development Program, World Vision, Avsi Foundation Uganda, the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative, Technovation Montréal, Leaders in Peace, Global Autism Project, Right to Health, The Entrepreneurship Academy, the United Methodist Committee on Relief, the Thailand Institute for Next Generations, the NYC Department of Education, the Somali Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Emergency Medicine Foundation, and the Horn of Africa Strategic Initiatives;
  • Global Leaders from 38 countries including Afghanistan, Argentina, Spain, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ecuador, Egypt, Ghana, Haiti, India, Mali, Mauritius, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Singapore, Somalia, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States, Yemen, and Zambia.

Applications for this round are being accepted until Wednesday, November 15 at 9pm PDT. You can watch the Hive overview video and apply here. Thank you for helping us spread the word about Hive to your networks of mission-driven leaders and entrepreneurs.

Hive alumni now include 1600 leaders and entrepreneurs from 120 countries who are working together on creating a better world and solving humanity’s greatest challenges. If you are a mission-driven leader, please apply to join us in Los Angeles at before the November 15 deadline.

Recap: Hive Africa 2.0 Held in Lagos

90 leaders from Africa, the Middle East, and North America convened for Hive Africa in Lagos, Nigeria October 25-28, 2017. 

Last week, Hive Africa 2.0 was held on Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria. This event was the 2nd Hive Africa in 2017, following the kickoff of Hive Africa in Abuja, Nigeria in April.

The three-day event brought together 90 leaders from Africa, the Middle East, and North America who are working on solving humanity’s greatest challenges and creating a better world. Attendees were entrepreneurs and executives working on building organizations focused on areas including renewable electricity production, education, peace and reconciliation, government transparency, entrepreneurship training, refugee resettlement, and women’s training.

One of the most unique aspects of Hive Africa is that it was hosted, paid for, and created entirely by Hive Alumni from Nigeria. They did all the work, promotion, and logistics for the event, spearheading a new decentralized model for Hive to continue its mission of building the global community for leaders working on creating a better world.

Hive Africa was created earlier in 2017 by Hive alum Grace Osula and her friend Christopher Imong. Grace attended the 8th Hive Global Leaders Program in San Francisco, CA in May 2016 and was so inspired she decided to launch Hive in Africa. She has big plans for the future.

Grace Osula discussed the future of Hive Africa

The next Hive Africa has already been scheduled in Lagos, Nigeria for May 2-5, 2018. You can apply and learn more at The next Hive Global Leaders Program in the United States will be held December 8-11, 2017 in Los Angeles, CA.

Below is a recap of the event.

Opening Crucible Dinner – Wednesday October 25, 2017

Attendees gather in small groups to complete their Hive Life Plans

Hive Africa 2.0 began with an opening dinner at the Maison Fahrenheit hotel. Attendees were placed into small groups of 8, each with a Group Leader.

Group leaders facilitated each attendee sharing for 6 minutes the prompt we begin every Hive with: “What is the most challenging experience you’ve ever been through, what did you learn from it, and how did it lead you to your purpose?”

Attendees shared their “Crucible Moments” with their other small group members and realized the deeper truth that everyone goes through substantial challenge and suffering in their lives–regardless of where they are from.

Day 1: The World – Thursday October 26, 2017

The first day was held at the Victoria Crown Plaza hotel and included experiences focused on looking at what was going on in Africa and across the world today.

  • Event Emcee, Tricia Teague (Hive 8) kicked off the morning discussing the schedule for the three days
  • Dennis Okurmu (Hive 10) of Uganda started us of with 20 minutes of morning mindfulness.
  • Ryan Allis (Hive Chairman) of the U.S. led the Designing a Better World workshop, which focused on the work of philosopher John Rawls and The Global Report Card
  • Olusola Amusan of Microsoft Nigeria led us in a Rapid Prototyping exercise.

Olusola Amusan of Microsoft Nigeria talks about rapid prototyping solutions to challenges facing Africa and the world


  • Ifeoma Malo of the Nigerian Energy Ministry and Power for All gave an impassioned talk about The Fourth Industrial Revolution (renewables) and the opportunity to expand solar power and renewable energy in Nigeria — and shared the story of how she became clear on her purpose to bring electricity to all households in Nigeria.

  • Tricia Teague (Hive 8) of the U.S. led us in a Speed Friending exercise.
  • Shadnaz Azizi (Hive 8) of Iran led us in a talk about sustainable development.
  • Joseph Nwishienyi of Abuja, Nigeria led us in a Play Shop with interactive dancing and games designed to bring out attendees’ creative and playful sides

Joseph Nwishienyi of Abuja, Nigeria

Day 2: Designing Your Life – Friday, Oct 27, 2017

The second day was held on the rooftop of the Maison Fahrenheit hotel and included experiences designed to allow attendees to create a new life plan for themselves and focus in on their purpose, goals, health, and habits.

Ifeoma Malo of the Nigerian Energy Ministry

  • Ifeoma Malo of the Nigerian Energy Ministry and Power for All shared her life story and how the route to success isn’t always a straight line and often includes loss, pain, and deep uncertainties.
  • Tricia Teague (Hive 8) and Ryan Allis (Hive Chairman) co-led the Designing Your Life Workshop. Attendees filled out the Designing Your Life workbook and completed the drafts of their one page life plans.
  • Attendees took a field trip to a Victoria Island park for silent reflection, lunch, and the official Hive group photo.
  • Dayo Ayeni of Lagos, Nigeria gave a talk on Mental Resilience for Entrepreneurs
  • Attendees met in small groups to fill out their Needs & Gives sheets, which were then posted on the wall to allow matching between what people needed (like coaching, web design, capital, marketing help) and what people had to offer.

Day 3: Your Leadership – Saturday, Oct 28, 2017

The final day was held in the Maison Fahrenheit conference center and included:

  • Oyeleke Ajiboye (Hive 12), CEO of Efficacy Group, gave a talk on Authentic Leadership and aligning your personal purpose with your professional purpose.

Oyeleke Ajiboye CEO of Efficacy Group gives a talk on Authentic Leadership

  • Dr. Charles Prince Dickson gave a talk on How Purpose-Driven Businesses Can Make an Impact in Africa.
  • Ifeanyi Oputa, CEO of Studio 24, gave a talk on Advanced Entrepreneurship: How to Scale Your Business in Africa.
  • Attendees completed their final One Page Plans in their small groups

Hive Group leader Shadniz Azizi leads her group through the completion of one page life plans at Hive Africa in Lagos

  • Ryan Allis (Hive Chairman) spoke on The Future of Hive
  • Grace Osula (Hive 8) and Christopher Imong talked about The Future of Hive Africa including Hive Africa 3.0 coming up May 2-5, 2018
  • Attendees completed the final Hive graduation ritual of The Purpose Circle. Each attendee stood at the center of everyone assembled in a circle and shared their purpose statements, “My name is _______. I am from _______ and I am on this planet to ______.”
  • Attendees picked up their newly framed One Page Life Plans, a Hive t-shirt, and Hive sticker. Some stuck around for one final group photo…

Hive Africa 2.0 Group Photo, October 28, 2017 at the Maison Fahrenheit Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria