Announcing the Hive Digital Marketing Accelerator


Hive is proud to announce a brand new program to help entrepreneurs grow their sales and reach more customers… the Hive Digital Marketing Accelerator (DMA) starting June 21.

During this 12-week online program, you’ll receive hands-on guidance from Marcus McNeill, CEO of the digital marketing agency Magic.

During the program, you’ll learn how to…

  • Substantially increase the number of leads and new customers coming into your business through metric-based online advertising
  • Attract more leads consistently by providing value and solving real problems
  • Get new customers predictably with an authentic message that deeply inspires your audience on a personal level
  • Scale your revenue (and impact) using the Magic of Unit Economics
  • Erase your fear around marketing and invest confidently in the growth of your venture (because you know exactly how much you’re getting back)
  • Hire low-cost marketing talent to help you execute on copywriting, design, tech setup and any other task you don’t want to do

Hive D

By growing businesses that make a difference, we can change the world.

The Hive Digital Marketing Accelerator is designed to give you the “Magic Moment” … that moment when you’re dancing in celebration because new customers are signing up.

If you’d like to be considered for the program (capacity is limited), please apply here right away.

– The Hive Team