Blog Post: CEOs from 18 Countries Coming to the Hive Entrepreneur Retreat

CEOs & Founders from 18 Countries Coming to the Hive Entrepreneur Retreat March 22-25

We’re excited to share that so far there are 58 CEOs and founders from 18 countries coming to the first-ever Hive Entrepreneur Retreat March 22-25 at 1440 Multiversity in the redwood-covered hills of Scotts Valley, CA.

We’ll be spending three-days going deep with each other on how to make a bigger positive impact in the world, use business as a force for good, and how to grow our companies.

The full attendee list is below. Discounted tickets are available until Saturday, February 10 at 11:59pm PT.

We are also in the early stages of planning the first-ever Hive Global Leaders Summit to be held this August 16-19, 2018 also at 1440 Multiversity in Scotts Valley, CA. We’ll be in touch with more information about this event next month.

Who’s Coming: The Attendee List So Far

CEOs and founders from the following 18 countries are registered to attend the retreat so far:

Afghanistan, Austria, Bolivia, Cameroon, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Ghana, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, United States, Uganda, and many more to come.

Registered attendees to date include:

  • Alejandro De Santiago, Founder and CEO, Ignixion, Mexico 
  • Alejandro Lopez Hernandez, CEO, Ulfix S.C., Mexico 
  • Ana Tavares Founder, Wmnhood, Canada 
  • Ankit Shah, Managing Director, Dopamine, United States 
  • Bibian Mbei Dighambong, CEO, Bihndumlem, Cameroon
  • Catherine Lindroth, Founder, Social Contract, United States 
  • Chimezie Emewulu, Managing Director, Seamfix Ltd., Nigeria 
  • Chiraz Bensemmane, Owner & founder, Pitch World Fast, France 
  • Chris Rauton, Founder / CEO, American Development Group, Mexico 
  • Cody Candee, CEO / Co-founder, Bounce, Inc., United States 
  • Dalton Lilley Founder, CEO Taurus 56, United States 
  • Erika Wichro, Founder & CEO, Peacebuilding & Partners, Austria 
  • Fazel Rabi Aryobee, CEO, City Wall Dubai International Group, Afghanistan
  • Ian Mcwalter, CEO & Co-Founder, Hale, United States 
  • Ibrahim Wuntah, Group CEO, Wi Tech Group Ltd, Ghana 
  • James Ingallinera, CEO, Tribe, United States 
  • Javier A. Galindo, O. CEO, Grupo Mazahua, Mexico 
  • Jean de Dieu Benda, CEO, Bharti Airtel Rwanda, Rwanda
  • Jennifer Kushell, CEO, YSN, United States 
  • Jennifer Sherman, Founder and Chief Strategist, The Influencer Collective, United States 
  • Jessica Cameron, Co-Founder, The Refugee Lab
  • John Ntonta Managing Director, Kadiwaku Family Foundation, United States 
  • Jonathan Defoy, Founder & CEO, FoodHero, Canada 
  • Jordi Vidiella Amposta, CEO, Opportumeety, Spain
  • Joshua Kaston, President Clearwater Merchant Corp, United States 
  • Katamba Ronald, CEO / Founder, Jaguza Tech Ltd, Uganda 
  • Keerthi Kodithuwakku, Co-Founder & CEO, Effective Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka 
  • Kwiri Yang, Founder/ CEO, LifeGyde, United States 
  • Laurel Mintz, CEO and Founder, Elevate My Brand, United States 
  • Lourdes Berho, President and Chief Catalyst, Alchemia, Mexico 
  • Marc Castro, Director Spanacom Ltd, United Kingdom 
  • Margaret Burns, Owner, The Medicine Woman Way, United States 
  • Marwan Aljahani, Managing Partner, ShiftIn Partners, Saudi Arabia 
  • Masheal Bin Saedan, CEO, Al Saedan, Saudi Arabia 
  • Matthew Taylor, President, Fiber House Berkeley, United States 
  • Megan O’Rorke, CEO, AI Collective, United States 
  • Meghan Wallace, Founder, Social Contract, United States 
  • Ngu Denis, CEO and Founder, Denis Brown General Trading, South Africa & Cameroon 
  • Nicole Gresham Perry, CEO PhotoBall, United States 
  • Olajide George, CEO, Georola Projects Limited, United States 
  • Osaro Abusomwan, Chief Innovation Officer/MD, Tyro Greens Investment Ltd, Nigeria 
  • Oscar Francisco Gonzalez Valadez, CIO, Ulfix, S.C., Mexico 
  • Oluyemi Abaolu-Johnson, CEO, BVS Professional Services
  • Ray Kallmeyer, CEO, CreateAR, United States 
  • Richmond Barbinton Mensah, CEO, Menrichbar Company Ltd., United States 
  • Robert De Liefde, Managing Director / Co-owner, InsideRisk, United States 
  • Sereme Maphaka, CEO, Methano Group, South, Africa 
  • Sissel Hansen, CEO & Founder, Startup Guide, Denmark 
  • Stephanie Jhala, Founder, All The Mama Feels, Canada 
  • Steven Richer, Founder, Nice Human & Escape Table, United States 
  • Taye Awofiranye, Partner, The Trusted Advisors, United States 
  • Tiana Laurence, CEO, Laurence Ventures, United States 
  • Tina Choi, Founder and CEO, TRAvonDe, United States 
  • Tricia Teague, CEO, Founder Plethora Publishing, Inc. United States 
  • Marcus McNeill, Presenter, Advanced Facebook Strategies, United States 
  • Julia Allison, Presenter, Advanced Publicity Strategies, United States 
  • Ryan Allis, CEO & Chairman, Hive, United States 
  • Danielle Blum, CEO, WorldNativ, United States 
  • Tom Chi, CEO, Prototype Thinking, United States 

We hope you can join us!