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Hive is building the global community for leaders and entrepreneurs who are creating a better world. Join us. Apply now for Hive.

In our first ten Hive Global Leaders Programs (GLPs) we’ve convened nearly 1,200 entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators from 100 countries around the world.

Hive Global Leaders include CEOs of $250 million companies, award-winning social entrepreneurs, elected leaders, neuroscientists, Olympic Gold Medalists, Rwandan genocide-survivors turned inspiring public speakers, technology entrepreneurs, professors from Harvard and Stanford, Sudanese refugees turned innovators, renewable energy investors, Nepalese activists, World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders, IDEO design thinkers, top innovators from Facebook, Google, and Apple, World Bank and UN researchers, venture capitalists, Virgin Galactic astronauts, and many more extraordinary leaders working to create a better world.

Over half of attendees are from outside the United States by design and most are CEOs, Co-founders, Managing Directors, Executive Directors or Presidents of their organizations. Regardless of their backgrounds, what each attendee has in common is a shared passion for creating a better world.


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