September 2014 Community Page



Needs & Gives: You’ll find photos of your Needs & Gives sheets here. This link is only accessible to members of the September Hive.


Contact Information: We’ve created a Google Doc with your contact information.  Please make updates as needed.


September Hive Google Group: We’ve added you to a September Hive Google Group listserv. If you send an email to, you’ll be emailing the whole group. You can use the list to share relevant updates and events that would be of interest. You can update your subscription preferences to determine how often you receive these emails.


All-Hive Facebook group: We hope you will continue to stay in touch using the September Hive Facebook group. In the coming week, we’ll be adding all of you to the all-Hive Facebook group so you can get to know the Hivers from the January and March programs too. Request to be added to the all-Hive Facebook group.


All-Hive LinkedIn group: We have created a Hive LinkedIn group here. This group is private, and anything posted in it is only shared with your fellow Hive Global Leaders. We hope LinkedIn will be a place for professional discussion and collaboration. We encourage you all to post whatever you think is relevant to this LinkedIn group!

Bios: Here are the September class bios. If you want to update your bio, email with the updated text.

September Hive Resources:
If you’d like to spend more time with the materials from this weekend, here is a pdf of the Designing Your Life Workbook, and here are the September Hive Slides.